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Welcome to Worthy Changes

Making the Navigation and Healing of Life a positive experience using a Holistic and Person-Centered Approach.

At Worthy Changes, we strive to be top-notch with our holistic and personal services in the Hartford County area.

Dedicating ourselves to looking at the needs of each individual, we go above and beyond so you don’t have to. Contact us today!

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Worthy Changes

Our Why

Worthy Changes was founded in 2020 on the belief that in today’s constantly changing world, more and more people with ASD and those without, require assistance emotionally, socially and physically. Whether it’s healing, spiritual guidance, administrative guidance, socializing or taking care of oneself, we want to be the ones to provide peace, relief and restoration. 


Melissa struggled to find an organization that would assist Michael, her son, with his needs from a holistic approach.  As a certified Special Education Teacher and Psychic/Medium, she knew it was time to offer her knowledge and expertise to other families in the same situation.  She finally stopped being frightened of her growing abilities with the spiritual realm and tapped into her vast knowledge of the Special Education field along with varying modalities such as using the healing energy of Reiki compiled with essential oils and mediumship to help others heal spiritually, emotionally and physically, including her own family.  Melissa specializes in working with individuals on the spectrum, individuals with anxiety and all in the community with an open heart and mind.

Melissa has a set of skills and talents that are unlike the rest.  She is a Navy Veteran, a certified Special Education teacher having worked in both self contained and inclusive environments, an Ordained Minister, Medium/Spirit messenger (Psychic), certified Usui Reiki Master and Do Terra Wellness advocate.  Melissa started her spiritual journey in January of 2019 after her mother passed away suddenly on Christmas day 2018.  Finally embracing her gifts she was once afraid of in the past in order to communicate with the spiritual world.  Her main focus is making sure you know how worthy you truly are of any changes in your life in any area of your life. Thus, Worthy Changes was born.


Michael is Melissa's son who is on the Autism spectrum.  He knows exactly what it feels like when searching for and applying for jobs and the anxiety that those scenarios can bring for someone.  Michael has also been very open to assistance from both his mother as a job coach and outside organizations.  He believes in the virtue that self-love is necessary in order to let others see who you truly are.  Michael is a full time student at The DAVE school and is studying animation production.  He has an avid background with art and wants to help others learn the many ways that art can lead you to heal and better understand individuals who are neurodiverse. 


At Worthy Changes, we work hard to offer personalized healing, spiritual guidance and mentoring services with convenience and transparency. We understand the difficulty of juggling the demands of daily life, that’s why we’re committed to making the process comfortable, convenient, and individualized.  We offer most services online as an easy and convenient alternative.  Reach out to us today!

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